C 01
Photograph taken of the entity during the accident in [Unknow].

Codename: C-01

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: C-01 is to be kept under a 6-security camera surveillance at all times, with twelve (12) Dr.Kadenii around his holding cell.

His holding cell is a 50 m x 70 m pasture or grassland, located at [Unknow]. The pasture is protected by 1 m thick walls on the exterior, and two separate layers of electrified fence inside, and above, in case he tries to escape by jumping.

Mercuri are to feed him a steady diet of nine (9) chickens or one (1) pig everyday. Food and water are to be placed in an automatic trough which moves in between the electrified fence and an adjacent facility for Division personnel.

Description: C-01 As a male humanoid creature with the head of a horse. His body design and physical appearance conform with those of the myths of Tikbalangs or Horse-men of the Luzon group of islands in the Philippines. C-01 is 326 cm tall since he was first contained, and did not show any change in height since then. His weight, however is variable, averaging at 245 kg, with bones constituting most of the weight.

C-01's complexion is dark-brown to gray, and his mane's length and body hair are mostly similar to those of domesticated horses in the Philippines. He prefers to be called "Hasik", instead of C-01.

Aside from his appearance, C-01 displays remarkable sprinting speeds, reaching approximately 190 m/s, almost half the speed of sound. Although untested for fear of escape, he brags to personnel within the vicinity of his cell that he can run at top speed for more than five hours without resting. He appears to have superhuman strength, but observations show that he only applies high momentum by sprinting to destroy objects such as walls.

In interviews with various Vinci and Kadenii, C-01 claims that he was once a military scout and messenger of the [Unknow] Kingdom, until he defected in [Unknow] due to [Unknow], and is currently being hunted down by agents of [Unknow], his king. His abilities support his claims, which are therefore evaluated as true. His name "Hasik" is derived from a Tagalog word meaning "to spread, to sow".

He claims to have swallowed humans whole, but prefers to eat live chickens or pigs, because, "Humans are so stubborn. Humans struggle inside me, although escape is impossible. Eating humans is annoying."

Addendum: When asked by Vinci to demonstrate his speed, C-01 crashed and broke through a section of the concrete wall, injuring two (2) Kadenii posted in that area. A state of emergency in the holding facility was declared and additional Kadenii were mobilized and were granted permission to eliminate C-01. About eight (8) minutes after crashing into the wall, he voluntarily returned to his holding cell. Hasik even inquired Vnc. Cpt. [PITHOS] if the injured men were alright.

Hasik seems to enjoy his incarceration. When asked about this, he simply replied, "I would rather stay here and hide, than risk my life roaming the mountains and forests. Do not underestimate my people. Do not underestimate the soldiers."

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