Apid 003

» Welcome To APID-003 «

Containment Protocols: APID-003 Containment In Extradimensional Environmental Containment Complex-13 And All Security Will Be Guard 24 hours In Containment APID-003 Room.

Description: APID-003 is a stone carved into the shape of a snake weaving over itself into a tight ball, approximately 14 cm in diameter. The snake's head is visible near the top, and is highly stylized. It shows moderate wear, consistent with an estimated age of five hundred years. APID-003 is visually similar to other non-anomalous sculptures associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures. The purpose of these sculptures is unknown, but they are believed to be associated with lunar festivals, celebrating the rebirth of the moon from darkness.

Every full moon at solar midnight for the target of APID-002 Activation Event occurs. At this time, APID-003 begins to vibrate, and a green luminescence appears on the surface. APID-003 then begins to draw in all nearby matter through an unknown means. The vacuum force intensifies until it has consumed approximately ten cubic meters of non-gaseous matter. At this point, all matter absorbed by APID-003 in the activation event is disgorged in the form of an instance of APID-003-Alpha via a portal which appears in an open space near the current President of the United States.

Instances of APID-003-Alpha resemble snakes approximately 17 meters in length. They demonstrate the material properties of a homogeneous amalgam of all substances absorbed during the activation event. APID-003-Alpha are fully animate, and attempt to kill and consume the President of the United States. They may be rendered inanimate by inflicting sufficient damage, and also lose all anomalous properties at the dawn after the activation event. Due to the location of APID-003, all instances of APID-003-Alpha are made of cement-like compacted regolith.

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