ALID-001 "The Loss Of A Soul Is A Terrible Thing"
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Registered Location Identification #: 001

Threat Level: 051

According Protocols: Cannot be contained. Esoteric Facility-001-AL has been established around it.

Physical Description: ALID-001 is a lake located nearby [KLEIDARIA], [THUROS]. A peculiar mist surrounds ALID-001. The mist, designated ALID-001-ALEPH, cannot be physically altered.

When any persons come within [ADELOS] meters of ALID-001, they will begin experiencing a series of events, which are as follows:

  1. Days 1-3: Reddening of the eyes.
  2. Days 4-13: A desire to conceal themselves from view (lasts until process is complete).
  3. Days 5-7: Whitening of the eyes.
  4. Days 8-10: Uncontrollable urges to cut themselves and allow the lake to absorb their blood.
  5. Days 11-13: Complete brain death.

Addendum 01: Interview Log

Interview Log ALID-001-T

Interviewer: Codename - PALLID WHITE (PD)

Interviewed: Sergei Kolskyov (SK)

Note: Mr. Kolskyov displays a history of violent sexual assault and murder, and was thus applicable for the Division's "NONE WORTHY" test subject project.

Begin log, 00:00:01.

PD: Can you tell me what happened?

SK: Silence.

PD: Mr. Kolskyov, if you could please…?

SK: (Whispering.) Will you- Glances around. give me what I want?

PD: Perhaps, if you answer our questions.

SK: Okay, then. I was walking towards the lake like you guys fuckin' told me to, and then- Begins convulsing, wildly motioning with arms and gurgling.

PD: Medical, please.
A medical team dressed in black enters the interview room and stops Mr. Kolskyov from convulsing.

SK: Shi- wha- what the fuck?

PD: Please, continue.

SK: With what, exactly?

PD: The interview.
Suddenly, Mr. Kolskyov's eyes flash red and black, and his veins turn purple as they nearly bulge out of his skin.

SK: (With deep voice.)Kolskyov is gone. He is mine-(Returns to normal voice.) What fucking-

A security team enters the room and contains Mr. Kolskyov.

End log, 00:02:19.

Supplemental Note: PALLID WHITE began experiencing the same effects as Mr. Kolskyov [KLEIDARIA].
After the destruction of the facility and the death of all the personnel involved, PALLID WHITE escaped containment.

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