Aid 025
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Codename: AID-025

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: AID-025-1 All are in the original win after checking and clearly marked. AID-025-1 Stored, researched, will receive blood transfusions at all times and those who do not want to be destroyed AID-025-2 Will stay in the glass tube cabinet all the time and receive blood transfusions as well as AID-025-ARC-1 Research study AID-025-ARC Will be made by Class-3 and above employees only and will not bring AID-025-ARC-A Can be removed from the laptop to prevent contamination that may occur

Description: AID-025 They are living parts of the human organ Were separated from the body for trial and there were many consisting of AID-025-1 and AID-025-2 for AID-025-1 Is a kind of hand, foot, limb, heart of approximately ███ people, parts and AID-025-2 Is the upper body of a man who does not know the name of the body The arms were cut and saw the scar of the stitches. The head is open until seeing the brain. When examining, found that the organs of AID-025-2 Not from the same person Like taking other people together and working normally AID-025-2 Waking up almost all the time, but without feeling pain and unable to speak

Although AID-025-1 Will be separated from the body, but it can move By moving it in a closed container And even if not taking blood for AID-025-1 It can be moved for a few days before stopping and starting to rot. What causes AID-025-1 Can move as if there is life that is unknown It is not controlled from outside and AID-025-2 At present, he doesn't know who it is because he has no history about him inside the lab. It is possible that a person living in a nearby town and was arrested for experimentation

AID-025 These were in the process of searching for the owner of the organ by examining DNA compared to a large number of bodies that had been cut off from the body and left in the █████████ graveyard.

Addendum: AID-025 Was first discovered in 2003 in █████████████ ███████. It is a relatively modern lab Don't know who owns Currently being set to <Tartarum-1> There are many documents and notes written in English, Russians and Chinese. There are illustrations that people who do this must be a large organization with a lot of capital. No one knows the purpose of the experiment. Expected that they tried to create Frankenstein

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