Aid 018
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Codename: AID-018

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: AID-018 is currently being kept at 2mx2m2m steel cell with 3 cm thickness under 10 m sea level. The cell is to not have any furniture or item placed inside the containment area. There is not to be any indication of an entrance to the containment area from the inside and outside. The information concerning the containment area's presence requires at least Class-3 Level Clearance in order to be dispensed. As of writing, AID-018 is under no circumstance allowed to be removed from its containment cell. Due to the AIDs in question's nature, sustenance such as nutrition or ventilation is not required, any personnel attempting to enter under such motive is to be removed by force immediately. The AID-018-1 can only be activated under Class-2 personnel's supervision. Under no circumstance the blindfold obstructing AID-018-2's eyesight is to be removed.

Description: AID-018 consists of two primary components:
AID-018-1 is a container resembling a wine barrel with a 0.5 m diameter and 1 m height. Despite seemingly made of white ash wood(Fraxinus americana), object is confirmed to be resistant to environmental effects for long periods of time. Any physical trauma applied to AID-018-1 results in no apparent damage.

AID-018-2 is a humanoid entity appearing to be a male around 60-70 ages, and of unknown descent. The object is seemingly dormant inside AID-018-1. An experiment comprising of AID-018 being subjected to X-ray scan for 8 hours has determined the AID-018-1 cannot be reliably determined whether the object is sleeping, or awake inside AID-018-1. The experiment in addition has shown AID-018 is affected by several reality warping effects inward, such as but not limited to:

  • Forming and vanishing of unrecognized materials in solid, liquid and gas states,
  • Violation of laws of physics, biology, and chemistry,
  • Confirmed space of SCP-XXXX-1 enlarging or shrinking.

It has been confirmed the aforementioned effects are caused by AID-018-2, and activation of them have no relation with AID-018-2's dormancy.

In order to awaken AID-018-2, the object must be removed from AID-018-1 forcibly. Any interaction with AID-018-2 is impossible until it is removed, or it engages first. A blindfold and ragged clothes of unknown material can be observed on AID-018-2. The object has low intelligence as it appears to "forget" bodily functions like breathing, eating and excretion, and has to be constantly reminded of certain information. AID-018-2 seems to be unaware of its surroundings, as it has to be informed of its removal from AID-018-1 for the object to comprehend it. After removal, AID-018-2 also seems to be vulnerable to loud noises, and sudden physical force.


Test 0001

Subject: AID-018

Procedure:AID-018-1 is to be pushed, then slammed with a 3 kg mallet, and lastly shot with a 9mm bullet. Same procedure
is applied to AID-018-2 while inside the AID-018-1.

Results: AID-018-1 is able to be moved around like a normal object. When slammed with the mallet, AID-018-1 does not
move from its position, and mallet stops with no
recoil impact. When shot, the bullet phases through AID-018-1 completely, injuring the personnel executing the experiment.
AID-018-2 is unphased by being squeezed inside
the barrel, and same results occur when the next procedures are applied. The object continues its dormant state.

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