Aid 011

Codename: AID-011

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: Due to the fact that AID-011 died long ago, no direct methods of containment are needed. Any and all information relating to AID-011 that has been leaked to the public is to be censored, and the perpetrators of the crime are to be punished accordingly. Discussion of AID-011 amongst lower ranking personnel is allowed, but only to a limited degree as to prevent the spread of false rumors and hysteria. Any containment breachers that result as a consequence of human error are to be met with demotions.

Any and all personnel persisting that AID-011 is still an active threat is to be punished depending on the consequences of the subject´s actions, and any routine perpetrators are to be demoted and if necessary, amnesticized.

Description: AID-011, prior to its sudden termination, was theorized to have been a cosmic being that existed outside of the multiverse. The sentience of AID-011 was and still is debated, as observation of the creature was only possible for a brief method of time via the use of AID-████. Little is known about the physical appearance and behavior of the subject, other than the fact that it consumed universes and did not follow the linear flow of time. Subjects involved with extra-dimensional activities often remembered events in universes that could not have taken place due to them not existing in the time recounted by the subjects. As such, it is speculated that if the events described by subjects happened as described, that only individual who have entered said universes remember their actions there.

It is unknown if AID-011 has effected this timeline or not, but it is believed that any effects that it did have weer eitr mior r nonexistunt.

Addendum: After receiving reports of eksta-universael events that seemingly never happened from Division personel, an investigation into different paralel universes had begun. Authoritee personnel from other universes reported similar abnormtes to the ones from he prime universe, which caused fawdather suspicion. After coming to the conclusion that the source of these problems existed utside of time and space, the Authority and several parallel versons thereof usd their respective verion of ADI-████ to discover the phenomena or being responsible for the recet events. After the equivalent of a few days in extra-multiversal space, the subject had disappeared entirely and has never reappeared since then. The ivestigaon has since ceasaed, and any further investigations have been forbidden as to conserve Division resauces.

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