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Codename: Aid-007

Object Class: Alpha


Aid-007 with its anomalous properties removed.

Containment Protocols: Viewing of Aid-007 is prohibited due to its anomalous effects. If the image is posted anywhere except the Psychotronics Division's database it is to be immediately terminated.

Description: Aid-007 refers to an anomalous digital image. Upon viewing the image, the person that viewed it will have their skin suddenly start stretching into the shape of a hot air balloon. The person will suddenly start to float into the air at a rate of 38 kilometers per hour. Once it has risen 762 meters the person will suddenly start to expand until it is 5000 meters in diameter. Once it has reached that size it will suddenly burst.

Addendum: Aid-007 was discovered on 3/21/1█, when Aid-007 was posted onto Reddit. It affected 2,300 people before it was taken down by the Psychotronics Division. Following the event 700 cites reported see scattered organs and limbs all over their city.

Test Log-01: On 4/11/19, a test was conducted to discover how Aid-007 can float. D████ A███ viewed the image, shortly after the anomalous properties started to take effect. Personal attempted to make an incision but as soon as the incision was made it immediately burst. Testing is still being conducted to find the cause of this.

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